Priceless® Surprises

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Priceless Surprises is a year-round, always-on surprise-and-delight marketing platform that is up and running in more than 25 countries in every major region of the world. Just by being a MasterCard cardholder, you can get surprised in big and small ways.


When we brainstormed how to educate and engage the audience at a global sales meeting, one idea stood out – targeting their sense of competition. Our digital geniuses came up with a trivia and leaderboard app that tested the participants' memory of the content they learned at the Priceless Surprises booth. A leaderboard at the event showcased real-time average scores by region and had a live image feed. Participation was high and sales teams were vying to be the winners – overall mission accomplished!

Vending Machines

MasterCard was looking for a way to make Priceless Surprises more accessible to issuers and their cardholders. We created a turnkey Priceless Surprises vending machine that can be used to elevate any marketing initiative – from branch openings to employee conferences. The creative and unique experience of the activation (educational videos, friendly user interface and photo-sharing capabilities) creates a buzz at high-traffic events and makes everyone wish they had a MasterCard!

With every vending machine activation, like those at the RBC Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum employee conference, the 2015 Spring Fashion Week and the NBC Priceless Cities employee launch, we have been challenged to create a fun and exciting cardholder experience. We've enjoyed working closely with our clients to surprise and delight over 300,000 MasterCard cardholders to date.

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