Accessibility statement

Statement of Commitment

Armstrong Partnership LP (“Armstrong”) is committed to ensuring that all goods, services, and employment opportunities provided by Armstrong follow the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity.

This policy is intended to meet the requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. It applies to the provision of goods and services to the public or other third parties, not to the goods themselves, and to any employment opportunities offered by Armstrong.

  • The Provision of Goods and Services to Persons with Disabilities

    Armstrong will make every reasonable effort to ensure that its policies, practices, and procedures are consistent with the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity by:

    • ensuring that all customers receive the same value and quality;
    • allowing customers with disabilities to do things in their own way and at their own pace when accessing goods and services as long as this does not present a safety risk;
    • using alternative methods when possible to ensure that customers with disabilities have access to the same services, in the same place, and in a similar manner;
    • taking into account individual needs when providing goods and services; and
    • communicating in a manner that takes into account the customer’s disability.
  • The Use of Assistive Devices

    Persons with disabilities may use their own assistive devices as required when accessing goods or services provided by Armstrong.

    In cases where the assistive device presents a safety concern or where accessibility might be an issue, other reasonable measures will be used to ensure access to goods and services.

  • Guide Dogs, Service Animals, and Service Dogs

    A customer with a disability who is accompanied by a guide dog, service animal, or service dog will be allowed access to premises that are open to the public unless otherwise excluded by law. If excluded by law, Armstrong will offer alternative methods to enable the person with a disability to access goods and services, when required.

    If it is not readily apparent that the animal is being used by the customer for reasons relating to his or her disability, Armstrong may request verification from the customer.

    The customer who is accompanied by a guide dog, service dog, or service animal is responsible for maintaining care and control of the animal at all times.

    If a health and safety concern presents itself, for example, in the form of a severe allergy to the animal, Armstrong will make all reasonable efforts to meet the needs of all individuals.

  • The Use of Support Persons

    If a customer with a disability is accompanied by a support person, Armstrong will ensure that both persons are allowed to enter the premises together and that the customer is not prevented from having access to the support person.

  • Notice of Disruptions in Service

    Service disruptions may occur due to reasons that may or may not be within the control or knowledge of Armstrong. In the event of any temporary disruptions to facilities or services that customers with disabilities rely on to access or use Armstrong’s goods or services, Armstrong will make every reasonable effort to provide advance notice. In some circumstances, such as in the situation of unplanned temporary disruptions, advance notice may not be possible.

    Notifications provided will indicate the reason for disruption, the anticipated duration, and a description of alternative services or options.

  • Emergency Response Plan

    Armstrong will follow its emergency response procedure in the event of an emergency or catastrophe. The procedure includes provisions to ensure all staff, visitors, and persons with disabilities are safely evacuated.

  • Customer Feedback

    Armstrong welcomes feedback on the service provided to customers with disabilities. Please call 416-444-3050; visit Human Resources at 4211 Yonge Street, Suite 601, Toronto, ON M2P 2A9; or email Customers who provide formal feedback will receive acknowledgement of their feedback and a response within ten business days.

  • Training

    Armstrong provides training to all staff on accessible customer service and the requirements of this policy.

    Training covers the following:

    • A review of the purpose of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.
    • A review of the requirements of the Customer Service Standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2015.
    • An overview of how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.
    • An overview of how to interact and communicate with people with disabilities who
      • use assistive devices;
      • require the assistance of a guide dog, service dog, and/or other service animal; or
      • require the use of a support person (including the handling of admission fees).
    • Armstrong’s policies, procedures, and practices pertaining to providing accessible customer service to customers with disabilities.
  • Employment

    Armstrong is an equal opportunity employer and notifies all employees of our policies on accommodation for disabilities within their first week of employment. Policies will be readily available in the Employee Handbook, and employees will be provided updated information, as soon as practicable, whenever there is a change to existing policies on the provision of job accommodations.

  • Recruitment and Selection

    Accommodation is available for applicants selected for an interview and a statement will be included on each job posting to this effect. Applicants selected for interviews will be informed that accommodations, including those related to materials or processes used during the selection process, are available upon request.

    Armstrong will coordinate with the applicant to determine if accommodation is required and will then arrange suitable accommodation in a manner that takes into account the applicant’s accessibility needs due to disability. Successful applicants offered employment will be notified of Armstrong’s policies for accommodating employees with disabilities.

  • Performance Management and Career Advancement

    Armstrong will take into consideration individual accommodation plans and the needs of employees with disabilities when completing performance reviews and creating career development and/or advancement plans. Armstrong will strive to provide suitable accommodation as it relates to the employee’s disability when requested.

  • Return to Work

    Armstrong will follow its return to work and redeployment process for employees requiring accommodation and support on returning to work after a leave of absence.

  • Notice of Availability and Format of Documents

    Armstrong will provide customers and employees with a copy of this accessibility policy upon request and in a format that takes into account the customer’s or employee’s disability.

  • Accessible Websites and Web Content

    Armstrong’s websites, content, and applications directly controlled by Armstrong or through its contractual relationships will conform to WCAG 2.1 Level AA in accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, by January 1, 2021, as practicable.


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