Diversity statement

Short-term plans

We have updated our internal communications strategy to raise awareness of discrimination and harassment issues, and we have also promoted self-education resources and roundtable discussions. Our goal is to create a safe space for dialogue so that our organization can amplify the voices of marginalized groups who speak on issues that matter. We also made it a priority to contribute to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ organizations.

Long-term plans

We have established a team of individuals that will promote diversity and inclusion at Armstrong: the Allyship Committee. This team will aim to improve our company culture and overall practices by implementing solidarity initiatives and by using diverse and inclusive decision-making. Each year, the Allyship Committee will commit to organizing multiple significant initiatives, raising dialogue around BIPOC and LGBTQ+ narratives and instituting the changes needed.

As we move forward together, we’ll continue to learn and initiate change. We’ll keep sharing our progress and lessons on our social media accounts.


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