Corporate social responsibility statement

Business Overview

Armstrong Partnership LP (“Armstrong”) is a family owned, independent digital creative agency with more than 25 years of experience. We specialize in helping brands authentically engage with their customers. Our years of experience in complex B2B, B2B2C and B2C sectors gives us a truly unique ability to tell intricate stories with elegance, simplicity and certainty.

At Armstrong, we believe there are two types of people: those we work with and those who want to work with us. We have some of the industry’s best and brightest digitally focused talent working here. Our success depends on the success of our partners. We put everything we have into helping our clients create content that is smart and effective.

As a company, we are committed to being socially responsible and bettering the communities in which we work, live and serve. Armstrong recognizes that we have an opportunity to work with our partners, clients and employees to create a positive social and environmental impact on the world, and we constantly strive to improve the work we do in this regard.

With this focus on continuous improvement, Armstrong regularly assesses its operations to understand where further action can be taken to ensure that we are taking steps in the right direction to not only improve our ethics, but also the sustainability of our operations. Through our initiatives and other actions, we hope to encourage our employees, freelancers and partners to follow our example and take their own steps to making a difference in their local communities.

Environmental Responsibility

At Armstrong, we recognize that we each must do our part in addressing the climate change crisis. That’s why we’ve made the SME Climate Commitment, an internationally recognized commitment that demonstrates that Armstrong has heeded the call to action.

Recognizing that climate change poses a threat to the economy, nature and society at large, our company commits to take action immediately in order to:

  • Halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  • Achieve net zero emissions by 2040
  • Disclose our progress on a yearly basis

In doing so, we are proud to be recognized by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign and join governments, businesses, cities, regions and universities around the world that share the same mission.

Armstrong is actively working to reduce its own emissions by cutting its operations footprint. In recent years, Armstrong reduced its leased office space and has moved toward providing employees with the choice to work remotely or in office. This change, aided by digital transformation, has resulted in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through reduced commutes and through reduced electricity used in office. Armstrong is mindful of the impact its decisions have on the planet. For instance, where possible, we have opted to purchase energy efficient lighting, minimized our use of air conditioning and heating when not necessary and utilized digital meeting technologies to avoid unnecessary travel.

Our Environmental Management Policy outlines small and realistic actions that can be taken by employees and independent contractors that, when done repeatedly, can have a significant impact on the environment.

Human Rights

As an employer, Armstrong has a responsibility to its employees to ensure fair and ethical policies and practices with regards to hiring, promotion, compensation, etc. On a semi-annual basis, Armstrong conducts a thorough compensation review to ensure fair and competitive salaries as well as wage parity. Position descriptions have been drafted for each role and are readily available so that employees can understand what is required to achieve a promotion. Armstrong also understands that equitable access to resources and safe working conditions is important for all employees. The Health and Safety Committee worked during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide employees with access to personal protective equipment and tests when needed to ensure that those who chose to work from the office were safe. With more employees choosing to work remotely, Armstrong has also provided its employees with access to Flexday – coworking office spaces in the Greater Toronto Area.

Armstrong values inclusivity and diversity, which is reflected in its diverse workforce and demonstrated through the company’s Allyship committee. The Allyship committee is responsible for addressing diversity and inclusion challenges in the workplace and providing insight on important causes. Their recent achievements have included gender-inclusive email signatures and washroom signage, a series of informative newsletters and a Kudos program that provides an opportunity for recognizing the efforts and dedication of employees at all levels. In 2022, Armstrong will be providing all employees with DEI training. Armstrong also maintains a Supplier Diversity Policy where we commit to an open and transparent sourcing and procurement process where diverse suppliers will have an equal opportunity to be included.

Philanthropy and Economic Responsibility

As a member of the community, Armstrong has a long-standing history of working with charitable organizations and providing services on a pro bono basis. Armstrong has previously partnered with or contributed to Vibe Arts, The New Farm, Street Haven at the Crossroads, Paddle for the Cure and Kids Up Front. In addition to this, Armstrong regularly contributes to charitable and community organizations throughout the year and solicits recommendations from employees and independent contractors of causes or organizations that are important to them. In 2022, Armstrong is organizing a company-wide CSR day where employees will have the opportunity to give back to a charity in our community. The goal will be to have one CSR day a year. In doing so, Armstrong will foster a workplace culture of volunteerism and social responsibility.

Furthermore, by embracing digital transformation and providing employees with the tools they require to succeed, Armstrong is helping to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to do so. Not only are we able to leverage technology to improve the client experience, but we are also using it to enhance the way we work.


Armstrong recognizes that a business should evaluate its social and environmental impact in addition to its financial performance. On a quarterly basis, members of Armstrong’s Executive Team complete a governance and compliance review of the company that is presented to the Board. This in turn provides the Board with the information necessary to oversee a variety of areas including corporate social responsibility, cybersecurity and other compliance matters in addition to financial performance.


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